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About Us

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We are a highly innovative company, have one of the most modern machine parks for CNC machining, 3D measuring technology and additive manufacturing (3D printing) and have specialized in sophisticated tool and fixture construction for decades.

Our customers value us as a partner for well-rounded solutions, because we deliver tools tailored to different customer requirements even if they are challenging and demanding in terms of quality, cost and time. They belong to the following industries:

  • Automobile & vehicle construction
  • Medical technology & pharmaceutical industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Packaging industry and from the
  • Industry for household appliances as well as consumer and lifestyle products

Our drive and motivation is best described by the phrase "In order for the possible to arise, the impossible must be tried again and again" and is deeply anchored in the company's DNA.

That is why we know how to economically manufacture tools, devices, handling systems for automation or even individual and spare parts for production lines and thereby generate the highest quality.

We balance quality, costs and productivity for you.

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Customer Focus

When the company founder Wolfgang Doose started toolmaking in a garage in Schleswig Holstein in 1999, the foundation was laid for a dynamic development that has characterized our company ever since and which has not yet been completed. This dynamic development was not least possible because we have consistently and continuously invested in three things and continue to invest:

  1. In time to understand our customers' problems as well as possible
  2. In the know-how of our employees, and last but not least
  3. In the most modern technology and manufacturing conditions

We strive to offer our customers the most precise and tailor-made solutions possible, at the lowest possible cost, with the highest possible quality and the shortest possible lead times.

Customer orientation is therefore right at the top of our agenda. We would be happy to develop and manufacture a suitable tool according to your requirements.

We look forward to your problem!

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How it all started

The story of the toolmaking company Doose started in Schleswig-Holstein in 1999 when the founder Wolfgang Doose put a machine in his garage into operation to build tools for the first customers. Thus the foundation for a dynamic development, that has characterized our company ever since, was laid.


Purchase of the company premises

of approx. 2000 m² in Henstedt-Ulzburg and the construction of a new machine hall with approx. 300 m² and 200 m² of office.


Start of 5-axis machining

(Milling) and expansion of the manufacturing area to 900 m².


Start of HSC simultaneous machining


Realignment of the company

Acquisition of a new 5-axis machining center.


Acquisition of BEKLA Werkzeugbau GmbH

an established manufacturer of injection molding tools and injection blow molds. The BEKLA company has been operating as an independent subsidiary since January 1, 2019.


Start of Additive Manufacturing

Commissioning of the DMG MORI SLM Lasertec 30 and expansion of the production technologies to include the metal powder bed process.


Reorganization as PWF - Doose GmbH

Since March 1st, 2023, the operational business of the former Werkzeugbau Doose has been continued in the newly founded PWF - Doose GmbH. The company is positioning itself for the future as part of the PWF Group and laying the foundation for further growth in the areas of digital tool making and additive manufacturing.


Founding of the company

The first customers receive tools from the newly founded company.


Expansion of the company premises

to around 4000 m².


Entry into CNC hard machining


Handover of the company

from Wolfgang Doose to Dr. Hartmut Frerichs as the new owner. In addition, the CAD / CAM process chain is expanded in order to be prepared for future machining tasks.


Strong sales growth

in all business areas. Investment in a new HSC milling center with automation, in a new machining center for turning and milling and in a new eroding machine.


Commissioning of the new building

Fertigstellung und Inbetriebnahme einer Neubauhalle inkl. Bürotrakt mit ca. 1.900 m² Nutzfläche und Vollklimatisierung.


Record delivery of tools

Delivery of 30+ tools to our customers.