Our Contribution as sustainable Toolmaking Business

Sustainable and future-oriented corporate management is a central concern of ours. For us, sustainability means taking environmental aspects into account on an equal footing with social and economic aspects. The importance of sustainability is already reflected in the requirements of our customers and stakeholders.

In order to meet these requirements and our economic, ecological and social responsibilities, we have started a sustainability program together with our subsidiary toolmaking company Bekla.

Sustainability along our Value Chain

We pay attention to sustainability with our suppliers

  • Since 2021, we have also been able to obtain our energy from 100% sustainable sources. This enables us to save over 250 tons of CO2 per year.
  • When purchasing new machines, energy efficiency is a crucial point. To do this, we rely on cooperation with strong partners who have already made it their business to produce sustainable machines.
  • The same applies to the procurement of material. As far as possible, we in the W.Doose group of companies rely on local supply chains. This is not only more sustainable, it also enables shorter lead times!

Sustainable manufacturing, regardless of whether it is a tool or a single part

  • During manufacturing, we pay particular attention to efficient and resource-saving design and programming. As a result, less material is used and tool wear is reduced.
  • In addition to CNC machining, we also rely on innovative additive manufacturing processes. These not only allow lower material consumption, but also open up new possibilities for our customers.

Our responsibility does not end with the delivery of our tools.

  • Repair instead of new construction: We design our tools in such a way that they can be repaired in an emergency by replacing individual parts and that no completely new construction is necessary. That saves material, time and money.
  • In addition, our quality requirement is to guarantee the longest possible service life for our tools.
  • Particularly in automobile construction and aviation, every weight saving of the components results in a lower energy consumption of the end product. That is why we design our tools to meet the customer's requirements as resource-efficiently as possible.


Sustainability in Numbers

250 +


of CO2 per year are saved by toolmaking companies Doose and Bekla

10 +


of usage time are possible with our tools.



sustainable energy is used in our manufacturing.

Certified Sustainabilty

From 2021, we will obtain 100% of our energy from sustainable sources, saving over 250 tons of CO2 per year.

Sustainability is not a coincidence, but the result of consistent sustainability management. Energy efficiency, resource conservation in manufacturing and a long life expectancy of our products are important components.

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