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Quality Management

Our Quality Standards

The better is the enemy of the good (Votaire, 1694-1778)

Our customers expect the highest level of quality. Certified quality according to the latest version of ISO 9000 is therefore a matter of course for us. And quality is not a coincidence, but the result of an integrated quality management system. Our quality standards extend across all areas of our process chain, i.e. it begins in the offer & concept phase when our experts evaluate your technical requirements and economic efficiency and prepare a reliable offer for you.

Quality continues in the construction with the design of the concept for a tool, a device or even a test station, with the selection of materials and the specification of tolerances.

In addition, the course for economical maintenance and spare parts supply is already set here.

In our fabrication and assembly, the quality is already produced in the machine. Quality checks are carried out across the board through worker self-checks. Our experts are supported by the latest IT and measurement technology.

For us, our quality standards are only met when, at the end of the process chain, the tool or device has been successfully tested or sampled and integrated into the customer's manufacturing.