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Measuring Technology


3D-Measurement Technology

Let us create your 3D data set and construction

You have increasing demands on your tools, devices and equipment, we have the necessary measuring technology!

With older, existing tools, a complete construction or a drawing or data record is not always available. If sister tools or spare parts are then required, it has always been very time-consuming without data and drawings. In such cases we can help!

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"Copy & Paste" in Toolmaking

In the shortest possible time, we can digitally record individual components or even complete tools for you and convert them into a 3D data set. We can also manufacture exact sister tools or individual parts with complex contours. The "reproduction" of old individual parts or even entire tools without a drawing is thus economically feasible!

By investing in the latest optical 3D measuring technology, we are able to digitally record tools and components of tools for you in the shortest possible time and with the highest precision (up to 2 µm). State-of-the-art optoelectronics, precise image processing and mathematical algorithms ensure precision on a new level. The spacious measuring room also allows components with a diameter of up to two meters and a weight of up to 500 kilograms to be scanned without any problems.

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When it has to be precise

Thanks to high-precision measuring technology and the latest image and data processing, color gradients can be used to identify where a component or workpiece that has been produced deviates from the specifications in the design. Smallest tolerances and tailor-made precision components and tool inserts are virtually child's play. This means that not only the individual components, but also entire tools and devices can be manufactured with much greater precision, which significantly reduces the number of sample or run-in loops of tools.

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Bild- und Datenverarbeitung

When it has to be done quickly

With optical 3D measuring technology, the measuring and inspection time of a component can be significantly reduced compared to a traditional, tactile coordinate measuring machine. By automating this measurement process, the entire process chain in tool manufacturing or in the fabrication of precision components can usually be accelerated. We can therefore offer you significantly shorter delivery times or faster delivery dates in the future.

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