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Into the Future with Additive Manufacturing

Realize advantages and leverage potential

Even if 3D printing is often mentioned, in the additive manufacturing of metal parts with the SLM and DED process, a powder is melted with a laser beam and a component is manufactured point by point. With many advantages for you:

  • Shortening your "time to market" with additive manufacturing of prototypes.
  • Increase your productivity through functionally optimized and additively manufactured production aids and assembly aids.
  • Improvement of the availability of spare parts through "additive manufacturing on demand".
  • Sustainable increase in value through optimization of function, design of individually manufactured components, be it as individual components, small series or series components.

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Our Strengths


We adapt your components and tools ideally to your needs.


The latest machines enable us to use innovative 3D printing processes and to rethink component designs.

Single-Source Solutions

From the redesign of the component for additive manufacturing to production and CNC post-processing, we are your partner for all occasions!

Made in Germany

We rely on local suppliers wherever possible.


Direct Energy Deposition

In the Direct Energy Deposition process the material is applied by freely programmable nozzle systems that melt the material locally using laser radiation. This also allows combinations of different materials to be used in the same component, thus precisely achieving desired product properties. 

By combining milling and 3D-printing, we can also repair worn or defective tools and components in the shortest possible time. 

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Powder Bed Fusion Process

With the SLM process on the DMG MORI Lasertec 30 DUAL SLM, we open doors to new possibilities for our customers' tools and components—whether it's enhancing specific properties or integrating new functions.

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