Insight into our Toolmaking

Regardless of whether you need injection molding or progressive tools...

...we are your partner for all challenges in the field of new tools, tool repairs, tool maintenance, as well as the manufacturing of spare and individual parts.

We develop, design and manufacture a tool that is individually tailored to your requirements. After successful delivery and acceptance, we are also available for service and spare parts delivery.

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Precision, quality and service - these are the characteristics of our solutions and our way of working.

- Hermann Hesse

Injection Molding Tools

In the area of ​​injection molding, we offer you a wide range of tools: from micro to assembly injection molding tools, one-component and multi-component tools. Turntables, index plates and stack molds are also part of our repertoire. Our heaviest tools weigh up to 10 tons, with multiple tools we have installed up to 128 variants.

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Progressive Tools

We place the highest demands on the progressive tools we manufacture. Our knowledge and experience make it possible to design and manufacture these tools precisely tailored to your requirements for the end product. 

With innovation, precision and quality, we get to your product step by step.

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More Tools

In addition to injection molding and progressive tools, we also manufacture forging, bending, drawing and stamping tools for you.

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In doing so, we take into account all the factors that lead to the desired component quality. Such as:
  • Tool movements
  • Board edge & position
  • Arrangement of guide pins
  • Deformation in the side connections
We also take into account all economic factors such as:
  • Production costs,
  • Tool availability,
  • Maintenance expenses
  • and fast spare parts supply

Our Strengths


We adapt the tool individually to your requirements.


The latest machines in machining & measuring technology enable innovative tools.

Single-Source Solutions

We serve you from the idea to installation and spare parts service.

Made in Germany

We rely on local suppliers wherever possible.



  • Full service: from development through manufacturing to delivery and spare parts service
  • Short lead and delivery times thanks to largely digitized workflows and processes
  • Intensive advice, including product and process optimization if desired

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You don't want a whole tool?

If you do not need a complete tool, we also carry out repairs and measurements or manufacture individual and spare parts such as slides, cores and cavities.

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