Tool and fixture manufacturing

with the highest precision

Shape the future with us


At Werkzeugbau Doose, we focus on digitization and always focus on the future with the development and production of sophisticated and innovative tools and equipment.

The most modern manufacturing processes are used in cutting and measuring technology as well as in new areas such as additive manufacturing. In this context, a high-quality, exciting and, above all, sustainable education and training is very important to us.

On the one hand, our offer includes the company training in the occupations

  • Machining & Precision Mechanic
  • Industry salesman / saleswoman

and on the other hand, the dual study in the field of industrial engineering in cooperation with NORDAKADEMIE Elmshorn


Become part of the Team

One of the key success factors of Werkzeugbau Doose are the employees who make great products with passion for their work. In a friendly and pleasant working environment, we achieve in a team, which would be impossible single-handedly.

We value innovation and believe in crossing boundaries as well as exploring new ways to create something extraordinary and set new standards. For all ideas and visions are only impossible until someone makes it their task to implement them.

The prerequisite is a team of enthusiastic people who want to share and promote our visions and grow beyond themselves in order to offer new opportunities to our customers. For this we offer our employees attractive special and additional services, fascinating opportunities for further education and development in a future-oriented company.