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Conformal cooling


Conformal cooling with Additive Manufacturing

Increase the productivity of your injection molding tools with conformal cooled components

  • Increase the productivity of your injection molding tools with conformal cooled components
  • up to 50% shorter cooling times
  • higher output of the molding tool
  • lower temperatures during manufacturing
  • rapid amortization of the additional tool costs within one year
  • increase in sales without machine investment  

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New possibilities, thanks to Additive Manufacturing

With Additive Manufacturing, we can realize cooling channels that would hardly be possible with conventional manufacturing. This enables us to improve our customers' cycle times by up to 50% and thus increase their productivity. The reduced overall temperature of the tools also ensures a reduction in maintenance costs.
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Three steps to your component


You already know what you need? With our 3D store for additive manufacturing parts, you can now request and order components even faster and more conveniently: Simply upload the print file, configure it, get a price and order.

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